Saturday, November 30, 2013

Robbie Cano jogs out a denial

How does that line go: A lie travels around the world before the truth puts its boots on... A lie travels around New York before the truth puts on a condom... A lie, o, forget it. You know how lies are...

Yesterday, Robbie Cano denied ever asking the Yankees for $300 million - this, about a month after some franchise Edward Snowdon leaked just such a claim, allowing the Yankiverse to take batting practice on its star player for a solid November.

Even now, it's hard to resist bashing Robbie: I figure he must have thought it was a grounder to the secondbaseman, and he saw no reason to hurry.

But let's face it: Robbie is surely telling the truth: He personally never asked the Yankees for $300 million. That's why you have agents. Still, Mr. Cano has a public relations problem on his hands, and if he signs with the Rangers or anybody that doesn't dress players in pinstripes, he could become in New York City what A-Rod is to Seattle: The personification of pure evil.

If a star leaves New York - and who could deny Robbie for chasing the biggest payday of his life - it will inspire five boroughs worth of negative juju. Cano would become the shorthand definition for greed, and every sports pundit in NYC would know that, when you dish on Robbie, you receive a free pass. Nobody would defend him. (I certainly wouldn't. I've got a Robbie Cano voodoo doll hanging downstairs in my torture chamber, waiting for the announcement.) Let's hope this deal gets done soon, before somebody says something stupid, and the marriage cannot be saved.

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Bye Bye Balboni said...

Sirs, I've had all I can stands, I can't stands no more.

How many hits do you think Robbie Cano really loses per season because he doesn't put on a show of busting his hump to first? Not that many more than the number of strained hammies he would have suffered by doing so. There's a reason he's played at least 159 games for the last seven years.

Seeing one of the best players in the game playing second base every day beats raving about his incredible hustle while he sits on the bench with a taped-up thigh. Of course, he most likely won't be running, jogging or doing anything else for the Yankees next year, so the point is moot, isn't it....