Wednesday, November 13, 2013

While We Fretted About Robbie's Back Page, Another Yankee Star Made The Front Page

Disgraced New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was busted in the ladies room at the Delano Hotel in Miami with a mystery brunette who most certainly not his blond girlfriend Torrie Wilson... A hotel guest tells us the Yankee, who is facing suspension  over his performance-enhancing drug scandal, was first getting hot and heavy with the unidentified woman near the elevators in the hotel lobby early Sunday morning... A-Rod and the mystery lady became flustered and decided to end their toilet tryst when they were interrupted by another hotel guest. 


KD said...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Handsome single rich guy might be having sex with beautiful single women!

Oh, damn. I've never been so OUTRAGED!! (not about the supposed sex. That A-Rod actually supports the arrogant "U".)

JM said...

'Disgraced New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez'

I'm not sure how he's been disgraced, except for on-field performance in the postseason minus 2009. Disgraced because he had old man hips and have to have two operations? Disgraced because he got divorced and has predatory asshole reporters dogging his every step and tweet? Disgraced because he might fool around on the side?

The New York Daily News...New York's Picture Newspaper, Police, Judge and Jury.

Hacks. Can't believe my father used to get the Sunday edition when I was growing up in the frigid north. Dick Young always sucked and Bill Gallo was actually worse. The only good thing was that they put in a pic of a girl in a bikini every week, up front in the news section.

And I'm with KD on that U. Jesus Christ, and A-Rod wonders why everyone hates him?