Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliot makes millions for Yankee blog......

As of 9:38am EST the recently designed tee shirt......WWED?.....supplemented by the famous full color logo of the Mayflower Hotel in DC...has surpassed the famous WWJD? teeshirt with the popular fish logo.

Over 73 million orders were received on the first day, stated Blog attorney Sienna Seymour.

Full rights to the design, colors and implications were secured on Monday evening by "our man in Tampa," during his recent foray with Edwar and Bruney to Southern Mexico.

The product will be manufactured in Mexico, shipped across the border by 18 wheelers bearing the now famous "WWED?" logo on the side panel, and all revenues will be paid to " It is High " in Pesos, and electronically deposited into the blog's offshore account.

"It Is High's" CFO was not available for comment, but rumors have the blog purchasing an aging yacht named, "Funny Business," currently anchored in Bimini.

The yacht will reportedly be used for Winter Meetings when there is no longer any ice in Syracuse.

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