Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Few Thoughts

A Fine Wine

Last night after watching the Yankees go down big early - right after Michael Kay pointed out that Montgomery hadn't given up more than three runs in a game the ENTIRE season and then promptly did - this followed up with their botching numerous run scoring opportunities, I will admit I started to  think that the run was over. That they were, as David Cone likes to put it, “Reverting to the mean.”

Judge was back to hitting HR's with no one on. (Here's a thought - bat him third. Maybe there will be more runners on base for him.) It looked like we were going to come up short. 

And Then Came Trevino...

Easily the best Vino since the early days of Adam Ottovino and light-years better than our Failure in the Batter's “Box Wine” Joey Gallo.

Competence on both sides of the plate again. Thank you Brain. 

It's Still Early But Gotta Give Him His Due 

While I still hope that this is Cashman’s last year, (Hey Brain, go out on top!) he really does deserve some props for replacing Sanchez with Trevino. (Even if he lucked into it. I mean, if Muscles McGurk doesn’t come up lame this kid is still in Texas)

It just feels like a different club.

Replacing two guys who went from “Happy to be here.” to “I’ll work hard to stay” in Urshela and Voit, with two guys who know how to win ballgames and championships in Donaldson and Rizzo IS the difference.  

El Duque pointed out Donaldson’s blocking the bag last night. It’s the little things like that.

The Brothers K

After reading yesterday's main thread again I realized that there was one more book I wanted to recommend.

The Brothers K by David James Duncan -  By far and away the best baseball novel I’ve ever read. It’s a version of The Brothers Karamazov with baseball serving as the through thread. It’s a great read even if you have no love of the game. Not that that is an issue here.



AboveAverage said...

It may be too soon to Judge but I would really be surprised if the Yankees let this Aaron thing get to the Arbitration hearing on Friday.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

You snubbed Floyd Vivino

JM said...

Uncle Floyd remains the only Floyd name-checked by David Bowie in one of his lyrics. I spent plenty of stoned college hours watching Floyd on channel 68 from New Jersey. Naturally, I don't remember much of it, but we thought it was highly entertaining. Right up there with Dobie Gillis and Mary Hartman and Fernwood 2Night.

JM said...

Sailing over Coney Island
Twinkle twinkle Uncle Floyd
We were dumb but you were fun, boy
How I wonder where you are

What that song means, I'm not sure...

Doug K. said...


Never! I loved watching Uncle Floyd (in a similar condition to JM's.)

Sadly, Uncle Floyd never played for the Yankees. Although rumor has it Oogie did a brief stint in the Yankee's front office working along side all the other puppets.

He was fired when GS got suspended and real baseball people took over.

AboveAverage said...

Heathen is one of Bowie's best releases.

I have a SACD of it and frankly its quite amazing.

JM quotes the lyrics from Slip Away, the third track on the CD - but, there were also these:

Oogie waits for just another day
Drags his bones to see the Yankees play
Bones Boy talks and flickers gray
Oh, they Slip Away

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Little known fact…. Yankee Stadium organist Ed Alstrom was a member of Uncle Floyd’s live performance group in the 1980s’. I confirmed this with Ed Alstrom after seeing his name on some old Uncle Floyd memorabilia.

I shouldn’t admit this, but I own an Oogie. If you want your baseball poetry read live by Oogie, well, post it here. I’m “working” from home today so… not much else to do.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Channel 68 had the worst picture and probably a weak transmitter as even at the central Jersey shore it was almost unwatchable. I learned about Uncle Floyd by mistake when trying to watch Zacherle when he was at that station for a short while.

Old Zach had a great singing voice and somehow morphed from a monster movie host into a Progressive Rock disc jockey on WNEW right along with " Gravel Voice" Muni and the sexy-voiced Alison Steele, The "Night Bird". Talk about a career change!

Doug K. said...

"I shouldn’t admit this, but I own an Oogie. If you want your baseball poetry read live by Oogie, well, post it here. I’m “working” from home today so… not much else to do."

Where would it play? Do you have an Oogie themed YouTube? Maybe you should do an audition tape to take over for John Sterling. Everybody else is getting a shot. Why not Oogie?

Call the first inning of tonight's game and post the link! It would be amazing.

Retired Stratman said...

I would love to see Loony Skip Rooney sing “Hula Hannah” while strumming a ukulele during the seventh inning stretch some time. Would be a nice fun break from the usual serious fare.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Not an entire inning…. That’s a tough voice to do with testicles intact…. But I’ll think of something.

BTW, nobody is taking over. John isn’t going anywhere. Festeris.