Sunday, June 26, 2022

Humbled, humiliated and embarrassed at home, the Yankees suddenly look like the AL's second best

Fifteen strikeouts. Not one hit. (Oh, but Gallo did send one to the warning track! Is he maybe ready to break out?) 

Still can't beat Houston. 

Still can't get out Altuve. 

Two straight home losses.

Did the season just crack?

Nasty Nestor today.  


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Nestor today.

No Gallo today.

A win would be nice.

AboveAverage said...

Hit Strikes Hard

Make 'em

Leave the Yard

Keep it Nasty

Pound the Zone

Nothin' Fancy

A win would be nice

EDB said...

Same old story. The Yankees lineup can be shut down. Ridiculous lineup yesterday by AaRon Boob Buffoon. Gallo and Hicks need to be replaced.

JM said...

Good point, EDB. We aren't going to beat a very good team playing a less-than-good lineup. No surprise, guys like Hicks and Gallo, normally clueless most times, are especially so facing championship level pitching.

Our pitching has been fine. The Astros haven't scored at will, by a long shot. But our hitters certainly had big trouble with Verlander and, maybe demoralized a little by that, were vulnerable. Not that every other team hasn't had trouble with Verlander, but he's the kind of guy you have to beat to win a ring. And we folded.

Great season so far, lots to be happy about. But this series should be a wakeup call. Cashman, you listening? Time to cut bait on Gallo? Get Miggy up here, at least?

Local Bargain Jerk said...

First pitch home run? Hasn't Cortes been listening to all the blather about Altuve always swinging at the first pitch?

Sheesh. Maybe I'll go fold laundry.