Wednesday, June 29, 2022

With an impending overhaul, it's time to rank Yankee trade chips

It seems settled U.S. law that, sometime around the next full moon - (July 13, if you're scoring at home) - the Yankees will cancel Mr. Joey Gallo, dealing him for something, anything, whatever they can get. 

Since late May, the Sonny Gray whispers - ("Shh, the dude can't handle New York...") - have echoed through the stadium rafters. He's now a certified disappointment, a sad soul who couldn't navigate the wickedness of Gomorrah. And speaking for Gomorrians everywhere, we're tired of turning to salt whenever Gallo strides to the plate.

I suppose there's still a frozen Eggo's chance in Hell for Gallo to go bonkers and save his Yankee career. The other day against Houston, when he came up with critical runners on base, Michael Kay suggested that all his Yankee teammates, coaches, scouts and ushers believe Gallo to be one hit - just one hit! - from breaking through to the land of Oz, from cueing the balloon drop and shacking up happily with some photogenic offspring of Alec Baldwin or Herschel Walker. And suddenly, Kay had us clapping to save Tinkerbell. You could feel the energy. Would it finally happen? JUST ONE HIT! Gallo struck out, of course, and though Tinkerbell survived, I can't honestly root for him anymore, fearful that a HR simply means another six weeks of torment.

Speaking of six weeks - that's how much time Bryce Harper is expected to miss due to his broken thumb. Meanwhile, the Phillies will scouring the Earth for a slugging LH outfielder who needs a change of scenery and comes cheap. I think the phrase  "comes cheap" is the key. They'll want Gallo for a bag of buttered popcorn. Frankly, I'd demand two. (That's down from the four viable prospects we gave up a year ago.) 

Philadelphia's clock is ticking. They need help NOW, not on August 1. A window has opened, and the Yankees must entertain all opportunities.  

So, what packages could we cook up, and what do we need? Here are some Yankee trade chips, ranked, sorta, because who's not into rankings?

1. Miguel Andujar. Last night, he went 2-4 with a HR - (game-winner, BTW) - at Scranton. He played LF. Miggy's hitting .306 on the season. He's still 27 - that's a babe in terms of Clint "Jackson" Frazier years. Unless the Yankees suffer a rash of outfield injuries, Andujar will go at the trade deadline. Somebody out there must want this guy. Paired with Gallo, what could he bring? 

Damned if I know. Trouble is, any team that would covet both Andujar and Gallo is probably still in the running for 2022. Thus, they won't give up a key player. As for teams who are out of the race? They certainly won't want Gallo, and they won't be drunken with lust for Miggy. So... dunno. 

2. JP Sears. We saw what he did last night. He's been a revelation. Still, I get the feeling that his trade value will never, ever, be higher. He's 26 and clearly ready now. Also, the Yankees seem to have an abundance of young arms across their farm system. We certainly would not give up Sears for nothing. He would pair nicely with either Miggy or Gallo. 

3. Gallo, of course. The guy needs to spend next winter retooling his swing. Many players, including JD Martinez and Justin Turner, saved their careers by going to so-called "swing doctors." Matt Carpenter did it last winter. But that won't help the Yankees move Gallo from his career nosedive. 

Still, any trade of Gallo means the Yankees will surely improve. Few players can hit below .170. 

4. A bullpen lug nut. Thinking Wandy Peralta, Albert Abreu, Lucas Luetge or Miguel Castro? It's not that we should deal them. But with the return of Aroldis Chapman, Domingo German and Jonathan Loaisiga, somebody's gotta go. I suspect the Yankees would be terrified of waiving any of these guys - wanna bet Boston or Toronto wouldn't grab them? But you can't keep everyone. 

What do we need? Obviously, a LH outfielder to replace Gallo. Maybe a LH catcher, as Ben Rortvedt - who came from Minnesota in the Gary Sanchez deal - seems to be made of bone china. (He hasn't played in a week down in Tampa, another setback?) And pitching, pitching, pitching... but how about not another Sonny Gray?

There is also the clubhouse chemistry thing, and to be honest, this is where it's hard to gauge Gallo's role. He seems to be well-liked - which brokers the question: When you're 35 games over .500, how much do you want to change your team?

FWIW, unless the Phillies bowl us over with an offer, I suspect the Yankees won't do anything until after they've faced Boston, late next week, heading into the all-star break. 

Full moons do bring out the craziness. Let's see what happens.


JM said...

OK, I'll state the obvious.

WE need a good-hitting left fielder. Like Miggy. So trading Gallo becomes just a matter of eating money. And we know how Hal feels about money.

So why should we trade Miggy for anything? We don't actually NEED anything except a good-hitting left fielder. And we already have him.

This organization is totally fucked up.

ZacharyA said...

Not sure I'd mess with our catchers at this point in the season.

Jose Trevino is hitting .271/.321/.450 (.771 OPS), which makes him a Top-10 offensive catcher since the position is so bleak. Meanwhile, Baseball Prospectus ranks Trevino as the no. 1 defensive catcher in baseball, and Statcast agrees, ranking him the no. 1 pitch framer this year. He's your starter.

Kyle Higashioka is an absolute zero at the plate, but his defense remains very strong. Baseball Prospectus ranks him the no. 14 defensive catcher (out of 90 ranked), and he's actually thrown out 40% of attempted base stealers this year, which is 2nd highest in the AL.

The Yankees have allowed the fewest runs per game out of any team in baseball. I wonder how much credit the Yankees catchers get. You gotta have a lot of confidence throwing to these guys.

There are going to be catchers available at the deadline, but aside from Willson Contreras it doesn't seem like any of them can hit anyway. And very few are left-handed.

(DET) Tucker Barnhart hitting .214/.265/.241 (L)
(BAL) Robinson Chirinos hitting .163/.268/.276 (R)
(LAA) Kurt Suzuki hitting .208/.307/.325 (R)
(OAK) Stephen Vogt hitting .167/.259/.354 (L)

Nothing inspiring.

Willson Contreras is the only guy having a truly good offensive season who seems available at the deadline, but I feel like he won't be happy in a part-time role headed to free agency. Also as a defender, Baseball Prospectus ranks him 81st out of 90 catchers this year. So you're going to take a hit there.

You could take a shot at another Ben Rortvedt type: an AAAA catcher with zero MLB success. But are you even upgrading from Higashioka at that point? I don't know. I might not mess with our catching.

DickAllen said...

I know, JM! Totally fucked up organization with a chance to be the winningest team in baseball history. The Intern is on his way to Cooperstown.

Life is crazy.

DickAllen said...

The trading season is underway and KC is selling - Andrew Benintendi would look awfully good in pinstripes. How do you think all those Sux fans would feel about one of their own riding the horse?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Is Miggy somehow not liked in the clubhouse?

Release Callo. Play Miggy. Deal torrents for prospects if that is possible. Don't mess with anything else. Unless, of course, the overdue black swan appears.

The Archangel said...

KC. would probably like 1 or 2 of our young pitchers which are currently stuck behind our current starters.

Send Gallo and say Sauers or Wesneski , possibly a catcher like Breaux for Benintendi.
KC would get a half season of Gallo for a high ranking and totally controllable player. We clear Gallo and help relieve a Rule 5 candidate for a guy that would probably put us over the top.
We have a surprisingly deep pitching MILB and several catchers which are disposable now that Trevino is here.

ranger_lp said...

Acquiring Benintendi seems to make the most sense....

BTR999 said...

For me, everything the team does revolves around money.
Why is Gallo still here, and still playing (though somewhat less recently)?
What is Hicks still playing?
Why is Chapman being pushed back into the bullpen?
Why isn’t Donaldson being platooned with Carpenter?

Money. They are all grossly overpaid for their production.
If we’re paying ‘em, we playing ‘em.

Andujar>Gallo. We won’t get full trade value for Andujar, and why would anyone want to
give up anything for Gallo? I’d say teams are content to wait for his release, and get him for nothing.
At least with a lefty going for OAK today we will see the suddenly resurgent Gonzalez.

I still feel we can upgrade from Higashioka. We need a more viable 3rd catcher anyway if Trevino gets hurt.
Yes, I know there ain’t much out there, but Higashioka is terrible.
Rortvedt started a rehab assignment 2 weeks ago, played in 2 games, then disappeared. again. The team
is pretty much ignoring the whole thing, only saying his rehab is continuing. I think we can pretty much forget
about him.

Team needs to focus on the matter at hand: Let’s sweep these mutts today!

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree with JM. And Zachary. And 999.

How'd you guys all get so smart?

Really, Joey G. has not had a hit since June 17th. His record in the 9 games since:

24 at-bats. Zero hits. Zero RBI. 4 walks. 13 strikeouts. Slashline on the season: .167/.276/.333/.609.

DickAllen said...


ZacharyA said...

There are 199 players with at least 200 PA this year.

Here are Gallo's ranks.

BA 197th
OBP 181st
SLG 175th

When Gallo was acquired, we were told that he'd make up for his low batting average with a strong OBP via walks and a lot of power.

Well he's not getting on base nor is he hitting for power.

He's only under contract for three more months anyway.

This should be the end of the line.

You can't say the Yankees didn't give him a chance.

ZacharyA said...

And I'll reiterate something I've said before. A lot of us are fixated on Gallo's low batting average. But his BA has "only" dropped 48 points between Texas and New York (.211 to .163).

But his SLG has dropped 128 points(!) between Texas and New York (.497 to .369).

Carl J. Weitz said...

With Harper out 4-6 weeks, I will bet that the Phillies grab Benintendi very soon before the dithering Cashman contacts J.J. Picollo. I'm sure the Phils have better prospects than we do.

Perhaps we can package Gallows and a decent superfluous pitcher like Sears to get rid of The Twitcher.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Great points, Zach!

Also, may I point out that Joey's lifetime BA is now .203.

That's right. In just 120 games with your New York Yankees, Gallo has dropped his lifetime batting average 8 points.

"Turn out the lights..."

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Were you a GM for one of the 29 other teams, how anxious would you be to help solve Cashmoney's problem (i.e. obtain Gallo) -- ??

It seems to me the likely result is for Gallo to come up with a season-ending injury.

If that ain't it, then -- just DFA the guy, eat the salary, and bring Miggy up.

TheWinWarblist said...

Can they DFA that worthless fuckface? He isn't old enough to have a veto, is he?

TheWinWarblist said...

Benitendi is only 27 y/o? Seems like I've hated him for decades...

TheWinWarblist said...

1:05 PM start today. Tallion vs some guy in a garish uniform.

Parson Tom said...

Benintendi has a wet noodle for an arm. Play Andujar. DFA Gallo and put Hicks on notice that his days are numbered.

AboveAverage said...
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DickAllen said...

That wet noodle of an arm with knee issues has played in 72 games thus far and it's batting at a .760 OPS clip.

Alphonso said...

I think the Yankees should bring cup Andujar and give him the job as our 4th outfielder.

Promise he won't see the bus to Scranton again.

How's that fast guy doing? The one who was helping the yankees and then screwed himself into second base? The guy from Syracuse?

13bit said...

I think we should forever after refer to Yankees trading chips as "Yankee BitCoin" or "Crypto Prospects" because the value is arbitrary, not based in reality, and subject to violent spikes and dips.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Mr. Bit,

Have you trademarked "Yankee BitCoin"?