Thursday, June 9, 2022

Another Thing You Might Do Is, Oh, Say, "Hit"

Clint Frazier, a.k.a., Red Thunder Is popping off in the press about the Yankees:

Frazier said he feels free to express himself now that he’s with the Cubs. He’s grown the beard that all players freed from the Yankees’ grooming guidelines seem to grow and now he wears a nose ring.

“And you had to be a cookie-cutter version to be on that team” he said. “If not, then you were like a really bad distraction, it seemed like. So, I don’t miss being told how I had to look for the last five years.”

Dear Clint: 

Nice [f-bomb] nose ring.  How 'bout getting a few hits to shut us all up?

Yours truly,

Every Yankee Fan Everywhere 


Kevin said...

Son of Bill Lee, or Walton? He doesn't even have the sense to keep his mouth shut until he has actually done something. He won't be missed.

AboveAverage said...

I no longer care about this guy

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Away from that distraction, the Rays played the Cards in 3 games this week.

Cards were 32-23 when they arrived in Tampa. Left 32-26.

Cards had scored 270 runs in 55 games. In 3 in Tampa, they scored 6. That's 2 runs per game. Previously, 4.5 rpg.

Pgpick said...

If it were not for Randy Miller, who has long had a hard on for Clint, this quote would never have made it to the light of day. Give the kid a break and wish him well. Try to keep in mind that his concussion was caused by his effort to catch a ball while playing for our team…….

borntorun999 said...

My 2 points -
1. I am unconcerned about him one way or the other. Players come and go at a fast rate in this organization. Doubtful we could’ve traded him earlier because of his injury history, so he washed our instead. It happens.
2. The policy of telling grown men how to wear their hair is ridiculous and may even be illegal. I’m bearded and feel comfortable that way, but yeah, I’d shave my whole body for a fraction of what these guys make. But it’s a silly policy and it is still in existence, why? Because Li’l Hal’s daddy was a repressive asshole?

JM said...

Clint who?

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree about the hair, 999. Except...ballplayers in general now seem to wear such egregiously awful head and facial hair—along with idiot tats and piercings—that the Yankees are actually a relief.

But yes, it should be their choice.

Publius said...

DFA'd by Cubs.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Haha, too good to be true. What a disappointing and ugly little boy. High hopes I once had…. Fucking ginger.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Rufus T. Firefly said...

He made it easy for the Cubs to release him. Don't remember too many other ex-players dissing the organization. Management for sure, but not the organization. Pretty much at the top for making players' lives comfortable. (And destroying young talent). I hope he signs with the Orioles to see what it's like playing for a truly crappy organization.

What a dumb fuck burning bridges when he needs one.