Saturday, June 25, 2022

Once again, it's up to you, Mr. Cole, to rectify the situation

Well, it didn't take long for Alphonso's newfound, Holly Golightly, panda-hugging, Cashman-loving naivety to kick in, eh? WTF? A few late-inning rallies, and the guy turns into Marianne Williamson. 

May I remind you of the First Rule of Juju:

If you have a hopeful thought, keep it the fuck to yourself. 

Good grief, people, who are we -fans of the NY Yankees, or the Peoria Peach Pits?  I should not need to remind you that a) the season is not half over, b) the Redsocks are currently the AL East's hottest team, and c) we still can't beat old codger Verlander, even at 39, while wearing Depends. This notion that we'll win 'em all in the 9th? It's like finding horseshit under the Christmas tree and thinking there must be a pony in the yard. 

So here we go again: It's up to Gerrit Cole. This is why the Yankees need Aaron Judge in a lifetime deal (though I suspect we all know that won't happen.) There comes a point where the game comes down to one pitch, one swing, and it's nice to have a Thor, or at least a Daredevil. Once again, Cole's turn in the rotation follows a tough night. Today, he must match Verlander's effort, and then some.  

So, at the risk of being wobbly, here's a dirty little secret: I believed.  I Marianne Williamsoned. To the last out, DJ LeMahieu bouncing to third, I thought we'd win. We'd celebrate Judge's arbitration deal with a walk-off HR, or a bloop single. I thought it would happen. I've been reading too many hopeful comments on this blog. (You know who you are.)  

In moments of extreme jubilation, here's how Yankee fans should look:

Scattered thoughts:

1. Even though Verlander is a righty, Boone sat Joey Gallo. In the ninth, when a homer would win it, he went with Matt Carpenter. I think Boone recognized that, even at 39, Verlander would effortlessly twist Gallo into pretzel knots. In simple terms, he's a playoff caliber pitcher.

Gallo started the season batting 6th. (He went 0-4 with 3 Ks.) In recent weeks, he's batted 9th. Now, he's a late-inning defensive outfielder and the third spare LH bat (after Carpenter and Marwin Gonzalez.) There is no more space between Gallo and the ledge. This is actually quite sad, but a change is near.

2. There's gossip that SS-prospect Anthony Volpe will soon be promoted to Scranton. After a miserable April, he's hitting about .290 over the last month. Along with Food Stamp Hal's chinziness, Volpe is why the Yankees passed on the cache of star free agent shortstops last winter. That's why they chased the stopgap, Isiah Kiner-Falefa. 

There is no chance of Volpe impacting the 2022 Yankees, unless as trade bait. At age 21, I doubt he'll be MLB-ready next April. But after a spring when most of our top prospects floundered, there is hope. And the Yankees still have Miguel Andujar (3 for 4 with a HR last night in Scranton) as a chip in any deal. Would hate to see Miggy go, but something has to happen. He can't spend his life in Wilkes Barre.

3. Today, it's Cole, who would start against Verlander in game one of the ALCS. 

My playoff rotation: Cole, Sevy, Nasty Nestor and Monty, with Tailion for long innings. Clay Holmes would close, with Michael King and El Chapo throwing the 7th and 8th, depending on left/right hitters. If we're lucky, we'd have an effective Jonathan Loaisiga and maybe a wunderkind from Scranton. 

That would be one helluva staff... if we don't blow it, by gushing over it. Looking at you, Marianne Williamson. 


DickAllen said...

You're talking about playoff rotations in June? WTF?!?!?

And you're chastising people for being too optimistic?

What happened? Did you and Captain Morgan sail a little too far out to sea yesterday?

Rein it in Boss! This is some bad juju you're talking!!!!!

TheWinWarblist said...

Dick speaks truth to alcohol-pickled power.




AboveAverage said...

I think I shall make some JuJuJUNE 25th coffee. Guatemalan Antigua Peaberry you say? OK! I'M ON IT!

Carl J. Weitz said...

My friend and his son were invited to YS last night by Cashman. They have a pic with him. Also a pic with El Duque.
They like Cashman.

JM said...
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JM said...

Carl, it's hard not to like a hollow-eyed, bald weasel who may have lucked out for the first time since 2009. He hasn't done everything wrong, and he's navigated both old and current Steinbrenners without getting fired. Self-preservation is not on the same level as consistent success, but he tries to make up for it by risking his life through controlled falls off tall buildings. And how many other GMs have certified stalker in their past? None, that's how many. So I can see how some people may find him likable.

The most important line in Duque's missive is that Boston is baseball's hottest team. They have risen from the rubble and are now 12 games out. It seems like a lot, but it's not even the All Star break yet. Things can happen. Tampa is floundering this year, Toronto is fearsome but has the feel of a dangerous also-ran. It's Boston, Boston I say, that presents a clear and present danger this season. We must destroy them when we face them, or our Season of Magic and Wonderment may end in despair and the inability to keep food down.

On another note, Buster Olney is sure that Judge will not sign with the Yankees after this year. Sure, he's a Gammonite nonpariel and is easy to ignore, his words meant to strike fear and worry into our hearts. But if he's right, I bet it will be some time before we have such a realistic shot at a ring. I fear and worry.

AboveAverage said...

Fear is Good

Worry - not far behind

I want a Nasty Nestor Shirt


The Hammer of God said...

If I read the cards right, Mr. Cole will lay one of his patented eggs today. Get lit up like a Christmas tree for 9 runs in 1 and 1/3 innings.

I fear we'll lose the rest of this series to the hated Cheatros.

@JM, the feeling I get about Judge is that he'll get a 10 year, $500 million offer from a California team, likely the Dodgers or the Angels. He might even get a similar offer from the Metsies, whose owner is hell bent on winning. Will cheapskate Prince Hal match? I don't think so.

Carl J. Weitz said...

@ JM.. My friend is the President of the NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission and, himself, a well-known film producer. He was also at last year's Field of Dreams game in Iowa but the guest of Jerry Reinsdorf. I guess it's easy to like well- connected people who give you killer freebies.
I assume even the most ardent Cashman hater here would accept gifts like that.

Carl J. Weitz said...

@ Hammer: If the Angel's did sign Judge, the already low chance of them re-signing Otahni to a new contract would be zero. My belief is that they feel Otahni is a better bargain than Judge as he's a superstar at 2 positions and several years younger. The Dodgers likely couldn't afford him.
My bet would be the Mets signing him.

JM said...

I would, too, I suppose. Lucky guy.

BernBabyBern said...

Hal will pass on Judge, making him an offer just below what he's worth -- something low enough that it's a given that Judge will say no, but high enough that Food Stamps Hal can go to the media and say, "if Aaron Judge feels he can turn down $260 million while regular fans are struggling to make ends meet in this economy ..." and the New York scribes will lap it all up and parrot his fake angst to try and make Judge into the bad guy. Meanwhile, Hal will hang out at the polo club and have Cashman go out and try and keep a straight face while saying that "our analysts feel that moving Joey Gallo to right field will turn him back into the superstar we just know he can be." ... Enjoy this run before the walls come tumbling down.

DickAllen said...

I was mildly surprised Judge and the Yankees met in the middle at 19.

It leads me to believe that he will resign and spend the rest of his career in pinstripes.


The Yankees are a powerful brand. Judge as well. They go hand in hand. It makes more sense for both parties to continue to build their brands together. Judge has repeatedly used the word “business” Todescribe his dealings with his contract, and that leaves me to believe that he recognizes that he and the Yankees are a mutually beneficial brand.

Judge stays. This is a deal that is good for both sides and needs to get done.