Monday, June 13, 2022

With the best record in baseball, everything is wonderful

 This from Matt Carpenter...


TheWinWarblist said...

Oh, to be an old retread and a New York Yankee.

Platoni said...

One of the greatest baseball memories I will always cherish is the fact that "Carpenter nails it!" call was proposed here by this illustrious commentariat a few days before the Master hollered it on his second home run. I forget which one of you proposed it, but you should know that it filled my heart with such pride, as if it were mine.

(And if I'm wrong, please don't ruin it for me. Forever hold your peace or let's take it outside.)

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Why do baseball players who come to the Yankees - after a few years elsewhere -- feel as if they DID NOT DIE and yet ended up in Heaven (despite numerous sins)....?

Why did Joe Di say "I'd like to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee" . . . ?

Because of us, the fans. Because of the first-class treatment these guys get, despite Hal's penny-pinching. Because of what it's like to succeed in New York City. You can't be Derek Jeter playing in Kansas or San Diego!

That's why there are shaved faces. That's why Carpenter not only said this, but FELT this. Yes, AND they get paid well here, too!

. . . and it's why you've got to feel there might be something wrong with Red Thunder. All he had to do was shut up and play well. Learn to play the outfield. Say nice things, grow his beard from October to February, shave it on 2/15.

Either he was bitter about NOT making it here OR he's mentally $50 short of a nickel.

TheWinWarblist said...

Platoni, that is just more evidence that The Master is a long time lurker here.

Platoni said...

He must be, Winnie. Like a corporate manager going to a dominatrix to let go, he comes here to recharge his batteries on Cashman hate and goes back to the booth for more buttkissing

13bit said...

My boycott continues. These guys suck.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Mr. Bit,

I have two good friends that want to know why I'm not on the bandwagon.

I tell them, because they'll just rip your heart out in the end.

howevah, I may break down and go to games in Oakland in late august, I my friend can steal seats cheaply.

For all, I am in for a watch party at a bar, especially the meetup place from a couple of years ago. *that* place was great.

13bit said...

We need to do a Manhattan meetup in the next month or two.