Monday, June 6, 2022

Is the Great Strikeout Race All Over???


With one-third of the season now gone, it is my sad duty to report that the Great Race between two, or three, or even four of your New York Yankees to break the single-season strikeout looking more and more like a dud.

Not, mind you, that many of our boys aren't striking out in bushels (bushels for bushers)?

It's more that, as feared, injuries and Covid have limited their chances to whiff.

With two thirds of a season to go, the Big Three stand—or swish—like this:

Joey, Joey, King of the Streets—60



For a short time, it even looked as though Crusty Donaldson might be able to sneak into the race.  But thanks to Covid and The Name That Cannot Say Its Name suspension, Crusty has a mere 40 K's on the year.

As you can see—or, as your trusty slide rule can help you see—even Joey Gallo is on a pace to strikeout a mere 180 times on the season. A far cry from Mark Reynolds' record 223, set back in 2009.

To be sure, it's not that our guys are falling down on striking out (though they are striking out and then falling down).

Joey G., for instance, is averaging 1.3 strikeouts a game—a rate that would bring him to 216 for a whole season, or within striking distance of Reynolds' mark.  

Judge would finish at 181, Stanton at 193, and Donaldson at 162. But that's not enough.

Intriguing thought: the only way that Gallo would have a chance to challenge the record, would be if he were to really heat up, and stay in the lineup. Same with Stanton. But for now, it looks as though Reynolds is safe for another year.

Unless Hicks heats up.



JM said...

I have faith in Jojo rabbit. He can do it, he just has to buckle down and stop hitting home runs and stuff like that.

Parson Tom said...

if Joey hits three homeruns a week then has an excellent chance because then he'll get more ABs that lead to more Ks.

otherwise, even Boone will get tired of putting his twitchy mug in the lineup every day.

Doug K. said...

He should lead off.

Doug K. said...

In other news...

Uh oh! via the New York Post

"Legendary Yankees radio play-by-player John Sterling will miss 25-30 road games in the second half of the season as he, the team and its flagship station, WFAN, manage his schedule, The Post has learned.

Sterling, who turns 84 on July 4, will call all the Yankee home games and take trips to Fenway Park, Camden Yards and Citi Field.

“It is just to recharge my batteries,” Sterling told The Post. “I’ve been doing road games with teams for 52 years. I love this game, but I hate being on the road.”

HoraceClarke66 said...

The road gets us all. Even those of us who don't go on the road.

Publius said...

If it's not Ricky, I'm not listening.

Parson Tom said...

who's Ricky?

Carl J. Weitz said...

The new Ricky Ricardo who saved Sterling from drowning last year..

Publius said...

And John's dauphin, the only worthy successor.

Parson Tom said...
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BTR999 said...

Ricky Ricardo (Jorge Lima Jr) is a terrific announcer and would be a worthy choice to replace Sterling.

AboveAverage said...

The Author has been removed by the comment. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Old friend Luke Voit with a three-run homer against the Mets tonight, putting the Padres back in the game—briefly.

Mets right now leading, 11-5, in the bottom of the ninth. They are just on fire.

The Hammer of God said...

Joey Gallo is making Kevin Maas look like Babe Ruth. Hey listen, I know that it's tough to make changes sometimes. But when you start looking like a robot in the way they get you out, you've got to adapt. Everything is always about change. There is nothing that stays 100% static forever. In all competitive sports, when they find a weakness, they'll exploit it until you adapt and counter it. If you can't adapt, or won't adapt, you become a dinosaur. Extinct.

The mentally tough are able to make those changes. The mentally soft wallow in their misery until they're unloaded for a bag of balls.