Sunday, June 26, 2022

Three Keys To Beating The Astros Today

1) Stop Taunting Altuve! 

The guy has proven that he takes the best we can give him and reponds by killing us. Altuve has turned into a living example of the punchline to that old classic joke about the Pope and the Heckler...  "Fuck me? Fuck you!"  

Instead he should be met with silence. Crickets. Nada. Like he's not even there.  Not worth our time. Just waiting for him to go away. 

2) Nestor Needs To Stop Believing In His Stuff and Go Back To Being "Nestor The Deceptor"(TM) 

Wrote this yesterday but it's still true...

Nestor thinks he’s better than he is and is pitching with more confidence. That takes away from his ability to deceive.  

Nestor is better when he is underestimated. No one is underestimating him now. The batters are ready for him.

3) Oh yeah... Uh, Hit


AboveAverage said...

Exactly, Doug.

and as some other folks once might said....

Hit Strikes Hard

Make 'em

Leave the Yard

Keep it Nasty

Nothin' Fancy

A win would be nice

JM said...

Adjust and adjust faster. Oh, and a real manager would be nice.

JM said...

P.S. Look who's in second place, 11 games out. It ain't Toronto. It ain't Tampa.

Get on your horses, Yanks.

borntorun999 said...

Altuve? Don’t give him anything to hit
Nestor? The league is adjusting to him. He is not Sandy Koufax.
Hitting? Change the shitty approach at the plate.

Overall? The Astros are a better balanced team. Right now, almost our entire team is a mass pointed out in Newsday, remove the magical 9th inning Thursday and the team is a unbelievable 7-87 in this series. The best approach is to manufacture runs, which this team seems to do only sporadically (Editor’s Note: this can be applied to the other 29 teams, but it affects some teams more than others.)

Conclusion? Another loss today. But we’ll conclude “The Gauntlet” at 8-5, which is not bad. But not bad does not win championships.

My brain may be a little baked after yard work in the broiling Long Island sun. Can’t buy a thrill.

borntorun999 said...

Did I not say do not give Altuve anything to hit? I know baseball players are supposed to be dumb, but still….

TheWinWarblist said...

Supposed to be? Snort!