Friday, June 24, 2022

Yankees are best team in baseball, hands down. So... now what?

Holy crap, our Yankee cups are runnething over. 

We shouldn't complain - not a peep, not a wail - not even about You Know Who. For weeks now, we've expected the meltdown, the python-length losing streak that negates the golden months of May and June, and relegates us once again to wild card hopes and a winter of rage.

And yet... AND YET... last night brought the greatest goddam win of 2022! A four-run rally! in the bottom of the 9th! against the cheats who stole our baby and replaced him with Carlos Beltran. No, we shan't  complain - not even about You Know Who.

But but BUT... if the ghosts of 2012-21 have fled the building, they're replaced by another demonic chorus - the 2001 Seattle Mariners, winners of 116 regular season games and only one in the ALCS. They were the unstoppable team - with two future Hall of Famers - (Ichiro and Edgar Martinez) - several past/future Yankees - (Gene Nelson, Jay Buhner, Freddy Garcia and Charles "Giddyyap" Gipson) and a brother to our manager (Bret.)  

And they are watching us...

The Yankees still must vanquish ever-smug Boston, which is steadily rising in the AL East. But 2022 is now at fulcrum point: We either win it all, or we join Seattle in the gift shop of the Museum of Unfulfilled Promises. 

So... now what?

1. Let's enjoy this, while it lasts. Considering the sorry state of the planet, Yankee fans may feel like Nero with his fiddle. If so, play "Born to Run" and sing along. Here's the reality: We might never see another team like this. Know a good thing, and appreciate it.

2. Let the big dogs run. If that means Judge in center and Giancarlo in right, so be it.  If somebody's chasing a no-hitter, or the HR crown, let him go. Otherwise, rest our soldier stock and try to keep everyone sharp. We are not just playing against Seattle. We are battling the juju gods, miserable little toads who'll tweak your gonad just for looking at you.

3. We must fortify the team wherever possible. Certainly, left field must be dealt with. We could use a third catcher - Benny Biceps, in rehab? We always need pitching, pitching, pitching... Who knows what Aroldis will bring? Jonathan Loaisiga? He needs a full shot. Even Domingo German. But if a pitcher comes available...

4. The Mets...  

5. As fans, we must continue to do what we've done. If that means whining, well... WHINE AWAY! It's working. We mustn't sleep until the world series is ours. And then, we whine about next year - that goddam fucking Cashman! It's not easy to be ungrateful, obnoxious fat cats. But we owe it to this team.


Mildred Lopez said...

Well that was a very nice birthday top-off, for anyone whose birthday happened to be yesterday.

Also, I apologize if I ginned anyone up last week when I said Judge's hearing was last Friday. Since I retired I regularly lose track of the day, the date, the month, even the year. Here at Casa di Lopez the crowns of thorns know to never believe a word I say about upcoming events.

Happy belated Sir Duque

ZacharyA said...

Aaron Hicks entered yesterday's game 6-46 (.130) with RISP. He fell down in the count 0-2. Hicks on the season had been 6-43 (.140) after falling behind 0-2. Hicks hadn't hit a ball over 400 feet all season (213 PA).

And it was in that moment, inexplicably, that he hits a legitimate clutch bomb into the night.

What a moment. I still can't believe it.

ZacharyA said...

Oh, and it's been a full calendar month since the Yankees lost a game at home.

When's the last time that happened?

The Archangel said...

And the Yankees traded Gallo to the Knicks for 4 conditional 1st rd picks in 2030, 2031, 2032 and 2038.
Who says the the Knicks don't have plan?

TheWinWarblist said...


JM said...

As great as last night was, I have to remind everyone that the Hicks boson is an extremely unstable particle that decays dramatically. You can't trust it.

So put that in your acclerator and smoke it. It's doubtful that the Hicks boson will survive this rare showing, and will return to a chaotic state quickly.

AboveAverage said...

Judgement Day
Sevy Day
Supreme Court Day


Doug K. said...
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Doug K. said...

Well Zachary (and Susan) you can't predict baseball. :)

Ken of Brooklyn said...

HAPPY BELATED BDAY Fearless Leader!!!!!!
I was away from the game last night, I cannot wait to watch the highlights > WOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Carl J. Weitz said...

Nor can you predict what is considered settled law in this country.

TheWinWarblist said...


I was at The Stadium last night, for the first time since the It Is High get together in 2019. The beers are $14, but are comically large. The stadium was packed. The energy in the crowd was extremely high; it was a great baseball crowd last night. The kind baseball crowd you only get in New York City.

In the bottom of the sixth, with the Yankees trailing 6-3, Anthony Rizzo had the most amazing at bat of the night. I believe the game and probably the season turned on that at bat. He saw 16 pitches, fouling off one after another until he finally worked the walk. The crowd was on its feet screaming by the 10th pitch. Every foul ball received another deafening cheer. Rizzo received a standing ovation when he finally worked the walk. As he should have; Rizzo is a professional hitter and showed great skill and determination gutting out that walk. Skill. Determination. Guts. Rizzo embodies those; he is a true baseball professional.

The stadium was packed and rocking. It's time to return to our Great Cathedral of Baseball. These Our 2022 New York Yankees deserve our support. Aaron Judge was Susan's star of the game. He made a point of thanking all the fans for the support they gave him and the other Yankees during the game. Aaron Judge deserves and needs to be a lifelong Yankee. And we collectively need to support these our 2022 New York Yankees.

Oh and one more thing: Fuck Altuve. That's what the crowd said last night anyway. Every time the miserable little fucker came to bat.

Fuck Altuve.

So endeth the fucking JuJu.


AboveAverage said...

CJW is correct - deeply disappointed and annoyed - there I said it.

(Hey DougK....asked Fearless Leader to pass along info)

AboveAverage said...

Great Rizzo AB - GREAT

TheWinWarblist said... has the Rizzo at bat in the recap.,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=661325

DickAllen said...

I want you all to know I'm taking full credit for last night's win.

You see, I finally broke down and bought the MLB radio sub (but only for one month). I thought for sure I cursed the Yankees when it started with way it did.

So, when the game got to the ninth I turned it off thinking I had poked the juju by becoming optimistic, and of course, as the result of my negative thinking, they came back and won it thanks to Hikks and Judge. My turning the game OFF was just the impetus they needed to come back and win the game in the last at-bat.

You're all welcome.

Doug K. said...

Just want to mention something...

G-d I hate Altuve! He, like A-Rod and Barry Bonds, was given more than enough talent to be great, which makes him twice as despicable.

I'm not a violent person by nature but I was glad when he got hit and on the play where he covered first on a grounder by Rizzo and semi blocked the bag I wanted Rizzo to run over him like a fullback!

From the look on Altuve's face, that thought occurred to him as well when he saw Rizzo barreling towards him.

Beating the Astros is actually more satisfying that anything in sports right now. Maybe even better than the Giants beating the Cowboys. (Although I do love seeing Jerry Jones make that constipated loser face!)

AboveAverage said...

ESPeeING is reporting that Aaron Judge turned down the Yankee$ 19 million dollar settlement offer in favor of going through with the arbitration hearing today at noon (which means it is presumably going on LIVE as I type this).

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I have succumbed to the devil and purchased tickets to old-timers day. Any advice on parking from my compadres? I haven't driven to a game in decades.

P.S. Fuck you HAL, despite the current record.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I am going to old timers day because, well, I qualify.