Thursday, June 23, 2022

The fragility of the Yankee fan base is striking

 No lie... 

Last night, around the third inning, with the Rays leading 4-1, I had no less than five (5) people text me to say that: 

1. This game was over.
2. The Yankees would not score another run.
3. The final score would be a laugher.
4 And the Big Losing Streak of 2022 was imminent. 

In each case, I responded with one clear message: I agreed. 



AboveAverage said...

Eggshell Fragility . . . . .

BTR999 said...

Dropping all pretenses, reverence to a radio announcer, and obsequiousness to juju gods or whatever the fuck, clarity shows us that while the current win rate is not sustainable, there is no imminent collapse. Yes, this could be a painful weekend on tap, as a tired team plays the last few games of the gauntlet against a good team.. But WE remain in charge of the AL East, and while the division race is by no means over it is ours to lose and our overall playoff probability is close to 100%. The issue of the postseason is very real, as Boone will be tested and the spectre of high leverage AB’s by Gallo, Hicks, Higashioka, IKF, should give us pause. As we move forward into the second half, October baseball is where our focus should be. We need to keep our eyes on the prize, that prize being a WS championship.

PS: Stanton is batting .105 over his 20 games. Anytime he wants to start hitting would be fine. Maybe this weekend?

JM said...

I thought they were cooked, too. But I was recording the game, and when I switched back to it and they were ahead, I could watch Trevino's blast. And King and Holmes.

It was really kind of surprising, incredible win record be damned. The last couple of years have conditioned me for the sudden evaporation of the offense and mediocre pitching.

The Archangel said...

Maybe with these late night starts, us old farts just get tired by the 8:00pm;
As Vince Lombardi said,
"Fatigue makes cowards of us all."

Doug K. said...


"Yes, this could be a painful weekend on tap, as a tired team plays the last few games of the gauntlet against a good team.. "

Hate is a great motivator. They will collapse against whoever is next after the Astros. A fired up Yankee Stadium plus a deep seeded need for revenge will provide the energy.

Not saying they'll win but they WILL show up.

BTR999 said...

Doug, from your lips to God’s ears.

TheWinWarblist said...

Of course you agreed. What rational reality believing individual could believe otherwise?