Countdown to the end of 2023 Season

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Joey, Joey...


Batting out of my usual order here, because I have to depart early for a wedding, and will be out of touch with you adorable moaxes for the next three days.

BUT...I wanted to note that, last night, The Man With the Thousand-Mile Stare played his 58th game of the season with your New York Yankees.

That is the same number he played for us last year, after coming over from the Texas Rangers.  

It was not going to be hard for Joey to outdo that performance. In 2021, Twitch hit just 7 doubles and 13 HRs for us, driving in a mere 22 runs, batting a miserable .160 and running up a slash line of .303/.404/.707.

He couldn't REALLY be that bad, many of us told ourselves. Could he?

Well, another 58 games have come and gone, and the verdict is in. Yes, he could be that bad. In fact, he was worse.

In his 58 games of 2022, our Joey has just 4 doubles, 9 homers, and 18 RBI—down across the board. Whereas last year he has 37 walks and 88 strikeouts with us—this year he has just 28 walks and 77 strikeouts. 

Batting average is the only area in which he improved, going from .160 to all of .180.  But not counting last night's 0-2, two-walk performance, his other slash numbers were .291/.365/.656.

Is WAR your pet stat? He's even done worse there, going from a net 0.2 to a net 0.1.  

Yes, Joey has been worse. Considerably worse.

Say it with me, and say it slow:



Dead-eyed Joe has got to go...


Carl J. Weitz said...

One more time!



Dead-eyed Joe has got to go...

Carl J. Weitz said...

And follow the bouncing ball. No, not the one over the lyrics, the one glancing off of Joey's brick glove.

Platoni said...

Send him to the James Webb Space Telescope. And from there to Mars, on a Chinese rocket