Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Aaron Judge's MVP path must run through Boston and Cleveland - and decades of opposition

Lately, it's "settled law" to say  Aaron Judge leads in the fantasy race for AL MVP.

Certainly, he's on the red carpet shortlist, if not the favorite in Vegas. Judge leads all of baseball in HRs, by six, and he's fourth in RBIs - this, while playing CF on a team in a magical run. 

Every Yank fan knows that, without Judge, we'd be wallowing in a wild card race. He's the face of the team, the closest thing we've had to Jeter since - well - Jeter. Also, he was cheated out of his Oscar in 2017, when Lil Jose Altuve stole the plaque. (And to those who suggest we stop booing Altuve, trying to short-circuit his adrenaline? I say, NEVAH!) 

But if the season ended today, I'm not sure Judge takes the MVP. Why?

1. Rafael Devers. Look at those fucking numbers: .333 with 17 HRs, while playing 3B. Moreover, this isn't an anomaly. It's a regular Rafael Devers season. 

Whenever somebody says Judge holds all the cards in next winter's contract negotiations, just remember that Devers' pact ends in 2023. He's four years younger than Judge and bats LH, a perfect fit in Yankee Stadium. Of course, Boston will sell the family Bitcoin stash to keep Devers, but if Judge runs home to California, the Yankees would have a $300 million hole in their pants. 

2. Jose Ramirez. Look at those fucking numbers: .300 with 63 RBIs, most in the league, by far. He also plays 3B and exists in relative obscurity, also known as Cleveland. He'll be an Indian Guardian through 2028. 

3. The secret, anti-Yankee, pedophilia cabal within the Gammonites, many of whom believe that NY players always receive too much attention, so they temper their votes accordingly. That's why Altuve won in 2017.  It's why Roger Maris isn't in the Hall. It's why Bernie Williams might as well give up. The writers bemoan all that ink and ether they are forced to heap upon rich and ungrateful NY players, so when winter comes, they draw great pleasure screwing Ron Guidry in favor of Jim Rice. 

4. The argument that Yankee votes should also be split between Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton, whose presences boost Judge's numbers. (Note: The same case can be argued about Devers with Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez, but it won't be. Everyone knows that Boston players are undervalued and don't receive enough attention, as they play for a beloved franchise whose fan base has suffered so mightily through the years. Someday, these lovable underdogs will win a world series, rewarding the faithful who have so bravely withstood the decades of pain. I'm tearing up, just thinking of their plight.)  

Of course, this is a parlor game. There is no MVP for July 1. As usual, the juju gods will decide. Last week, Bryce Harper was rolling toward his second straight MVP. Not anymore. Saturday, he broke his thumb on a bean ball. (In 2019, when Harper came to NYC, looking for a contract, Food Stamps Hal practically hid under the bed, rather than take out his checkbook. Just sayin...')  

It's a long haul to October's red carpet. We must root for Judge. But don't assume anything.


JM said...

If the Yankees can win it all, I really don't care who wins these individual "honors," which are slanted and political and rife with favortism (and not for us).

So, as Jesse Jackson once famously said, the point...is moot.

Though Judge would probably like to have that MVP title. Good luck to him.

Doug K. said...

JM -

As Duque mentioned, he was cheated out of one (MVP). Hopefully that will sway some voters.

Duque -

We can sign Devers and keep Judge! It worked last time. Picture Devers up on that policeman's horse.

Next year a lot of scratch comes off the books. Gallo plus Chapman is 28M right there.

By the end of 2023 Donaldson's 25M will be gone by then as well.

Don't worry about Judge's $. He's already on the books for 19M add Zack Britton's 14M and it's a doable 33M.

DickAllen said...

Speaking of "...slanted and political and rife with favortism..."

How is it that Fat Papi never got outed for his PED usage - a usage he continues to deny. As if any of us believe that bile.

And while I'm on the subject of bile, can we please get rid of the garbage color commentators on YES? I can't listen to that inane drivel anymore. It's bad enough I have to listen to Kay...

JM said...

Keep Coney, though.

Doug K. said...

Coney is so good they named an island after him.

From Best to Worst

Coney>Flaherty>Paulie>>> Maybin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beltran.

Retired Stratman said...

If Maybin says “Trying not to do too much” one more freakin’ time…

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree. Kay's wingmen are at an all-time low.

And here's more favoritism:

1978—Jim Rice wins MVP over Ron Guidry.

1986—Roger Clemens wins MVP over Don Mattingly.

Say what? The first time, they favored an everyday player from the team that finished second, over a pitcher having a phenomenal year for the team that finished first.

The second time, they favored a pitcher having a phenomenal year for a first-place team over an everyday player whose team finished second.

Hmm, I wonder what the difference was?

Kevin said...

To this day I feel my heart rate quicken when I think of Rice v Jeter. And the way that Peter Fucking Gammons circled the press corps wagons around Fat Papi, who couldn't have played first base if Mattingly was standing beside him with a glove on. Someone please get Beltran and Maybin off of the air!!!