Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If Torre Should Leave Us...

...Why not turn to a champion?

EXPERIENCE: Luis Sojo managed the 2002 Norwich Navigators to the Eastern League Championship.

YANKEETUDE: Luis Sojo drove in the run that won the Yankees their most recent World Championship.

PRIDE: According to Luis Sojo's Wikipedia entry:

When registering for hotel stays, Sojo used the alias Harry Pelotas to avoid unwanted fan attention. "Pelotas" is Spanish for "balls."
Why not Luis Sojo?

Answer me that.


el duque said...

Luis Sojo is too busy making music with the Luis Sojo Orchestra to bother with running the Yankees.

Maybe Eric Almonte?

Mustang said...

Yes. But. Running the Luis Sojo Orchestra might be the slot Bernie's been waiting for.

mlmintampa said...

Sojo was named the top managerial prospect in the Florida State League this season with the Tampa Yankees. Watching him run the T-Yanks through infield drills was a thing of beauty.

jahs34 said...

No, because he sucked when he managed Venezuela in the baseball clasic, on second thought, YES i want the yankees to suck.