Friday, October 19, 2007

Yankeeoetry Corner

Some shall wonder why he’s gone,
Some shall cry out, "What went wrong?"
Some will blame that insect throng,
But I'll remember Chien-Ming Wang.

For sure, his ending was foregone
That night we watched our lead withdrawn.
And now, it hurts to say, “So long.”
And then remember Chien-Ming Wang.

Next summer, birds shall sing their song,
While happy children play along.
But we'll remember why he's gone,
Whenever we see Chien-Ming Wang.


Mustang said...


Anonymous said...

Tragedy spurs your muse, el.

Can we post this on Bardball?

el duque said...

The trick is to rhyme by substituting first letters of words. A lot of people don't understand it. They think you just go through every word in the dictionary until you find a rhyme. I've found that if you substitute first letters, you can do it almost instantly.

Instantly... DISTANTLY! See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

That's uncanny....

....Tom Gorzelanny...

It really works!

el duque said...

Thank you,

A lot of top poets are afraid to reveal their secret "tips o' the trade." I think that's why poetry is in danger of losing popularity.

Yes, I realize that some upstart rhymer out there might soon be barking for a piece of my pie. But hey, if one kid takes a baby-step forward with rhymes, well, heck, maybe the world changes... (or rearranges!)

Mustang said...

I got one!



el duque said...


Buhner's Ghost said...

If I had gotten such concise writing tips in college, it could have turned my whole life around! Gotta go now and make a pledge to the Joe Torre Telethon on ESPN