Friday, October 26, 2007

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Guiliani, stand-up guy!
Starin' down terror, do or die!
Looking for a leader? He’s your man!
Rudy Giuliani... Redsock fan.

Rudy Giuliani, say no more!
Solid as a rock in the terror war!
Anybody else – an also-ran!
Rudy Giuliani... Redsock fan.

Rudy Giuliani, take no crap!
Standing tall in his Redsock cap!
Staying strong, thick and thin!
Rudy Giuliani... GO SOCKS, WIN!


Mustang said...

Rudy Giuliani? Or Rudy Betray-Us?

el duque said...

I'd hate to think of him as President, if it looked like al Qaeda was on the verge of winning a ring.

Anonymous said...

Rudy has already bet the Rockies a pot of lobsters vs their famous oysters on the outcome. Of, course, as a crafty politician, he made the bet after last night's game.

If Al Qaeda ( San Diego Padres, right?) gets close to a ring, Rudy will offer our Nuke plant on the Hudson for a cave.

Was that Rudy in drag yesterday, being hugged by Bush in the California ruins?

By the way, which religion is he sucking up to these days?

- Cardinal Long Duc Dong

Anonymous said...

You know the next step ... he'll be saying what a great guy George Mitchell is. You know, to show his bi-partisanship.

Rudi sold us out.

Rudy Betray-Us indeed.

- BernBabyBern

rap said...

Don't forget that he's a great father, too. And a terrific husband.

rap said...

FAITHFUL husband, I meant. Yeah!

And a great leader...