Monday, October 15, 2007

Rumors of Revolution


Today's Syracuse Post-Standard

To the Editor:

So the Yankees go home -- again -- and Joe Torre gets fired. I can understand George's frustration, but correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't it the batters that get up to the plate, not the manager?

Maybe George should fire some of his high-paid players that are always swinging for the fence in order to get their name in the record book.

How about geting rid of the "over the hill" pitchers and concentrate on getting younger and stronger pitchers with stronger arms. I have been a Yankee fan since I saw my first professional baseball game in Yankee Stadium in 1950 and once again I have to use the old cliche: Wait 'till next year.

George F. Davis

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Davis,

We all appreciate your heart-felt letter and, yes, many of your observations have merit.

However, your sign-off sentence is not an old cliche.

It was the wailing and moaning battle cry of Brookln Dodger fans, after losing the World Series every year to the Yankees.

I fear, therefore, that in your heritage somewhere is Dodger blue.

The Yankees' fans never say ( or said ) "oh well, wait until next year." Next year was always another world championship.

And when the Yankees lose ( or, fail to win if you must )their quest for the ring, we just drink, smoke and swear.

Hope you are well.

Best to all my friends in CNY.

- - Red Smith ( keeping tabs from afar)