Friday, October 12, 2007

Keep Alphonso Away from this Lady


From today's Syracuse Post-Standard

OK, King George. Take your ball and go home. Apparently, you do not know what sportsmanship is or how to support your team and set a good example for today's youth. Hooray for the boys in the pinstripes. It was another fine year. I enjoyed every game -- win or lose.

Roberta Osinksi


Stang said...

Enjoyed every game? Win or lose? Example for youth? Ms. Osinski of Liverpool exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Yankees--and with baseball in general.

Also, America. And, while I'm at it, life.

Cowgirl-Up said...

Alphonso said,

" And this lady probably feels we are doing a noble thing in Iraq."

In speaking with Roberta by phone the other day, she was wont to say," even if we have to destroy the entire country to save it, we are helping those people because they will soon have a Democacy just as we do here."

Doing right by the people, even if we have to kill them all.

Good sportsmanship?

Feeling good about the Yankees' great effort this year?

Let's bomb Iran.