Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rating The Contenders

PROS: He's a celebrity, just like Joe Torre.
CONS: Didn't I just say he's a celebrity? How could there be cons?

PROS: Not afraid to scream at people.
CONS: Not famous enough to get away with screaming at people.

PROS: Former Royals skipper knows how to handle obscurity and defeat.
CONS: Mattingly will get the job.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fools ye yonder be.

The Yanks will manage their team by three.

Don to manage hitting woes.

Joe for counting all the toes.

And Tony for the language flows.

Joe Don Tony will run the show.

And we can only hope for snow.

_ Alfred Nueman

rap said...

Gerardi also knows his way around South Beach, though I'm not sure if that's a pro or con...

Donny, on the other hand, knows all the staff at the Greenbriar, Billy Martin's favorite bar in Ft. Lauderdale during spring training. But since they train in Tampa now, it's a wash.

Peña, on the other (third) hand, speaks Spanish.