Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stubby Steinbrenner: Workin' Man's Hero

The craziest thing that happened Monday was the public reaction to Hank Steinbrenner telling off A-Rod.
On Yankee forums, fans almost universally praised Hank for taking down the greedy, pampered, millionaire athlete.
Never has class consciousness in America been so distorted. (Well, aside from George W. Bush, but that's another story.)
Here, you got a monosylabic, leisure-suited billionaire's son, ripping a millionaire athlete for valuing money more than loyalty... just days after the team showed no loyalty to its most beloved and loyal manager.
True, A-Rod makes a great villian. And I believe he made a bad decision, one he'll regret the rest of his life. But that's his problem.
Remember: Just because a guy can't talk, it don't make him no man of the people.
Don't get me wrong: I'm glad Stubby said what he said.
But let's not forget who he is... because right now, that why the Yankees are what they are.


Anonymous said...

Dear El Duque,

Now that A-bomb is toast, can you give us an update on that young "hot-shot" 3rd baseman we recently signed in the draft?

I think he is playing in Hawaii (yeah, right ) and not long ago had his first hit.

Has he had a second?

Is he ready to start at third base next year?

Is he the Yankee's best shot at "rookie of the year" since Derek?

And what kind of reports are we getting from surgical hospitals around the country? We must have at least 10 top prospect pitchers, as well as our one highly regarded position player ( Tabata...but does he really have a position?), in "recovery" as they say.

Who will be walking, talking and tossing at Spring Training?

Do we have anyone?

Lost in Toronto --Fonzy

Mustang said...

Aren't you forgetting? In the words of Mr. John Sterling, "You can bet on Betemit!"

rap said...

Serena, Dante and Lena. That's the names of Girardi's kids.

Think there's a lot of crushed red velvet in his house, too?