Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smart woman, foolish voice

Monday night in the post-game, Suzyn Waldman cried .

We just hope the Yankees are proud of themselves.

They took the one good woman they'll ever know, and they made her weep.

They broke her.

She didn't deserve this. Suzyn hooked-up with the wrong bunch, hoping one of them would get her a ring. She gave them her best years, her child-rearing middle innings, everything she’s got... and for what?

Chocolates, flowers and "thuuuuuuuuh pitch. CUT ON AND MISSED!"

See you next spring?

It ain’t right.

The Kansas City Royals would treat a gal with more respect. If they had one.


Mustang said...

I love Sterling trying to talk her down. You know, Suzyn, all good things must come to an end, and Joe's made a lot of money and he'll land on his feet...

rap said...

Sterling should have been a rabbi.

He's do a hell of a bris call.

Anonymous said...

Sterling should propose to her on the air.

It would replace Kennedy's shooting and 9/11 as history's most heralded event.