Friday, October 26, 2007

Voice of the People

Today's Syracuse Post-Standard

To the Editor,

Joe Torre is no longer manager of the Yankees. They now want him to be the catcher for the team. He said he was too scared to be catcher, and besides, he didn't want to be known as chicken catcher Torre.

Len Jacobs

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Anonymous said...

Chicken catcher torre. very clever.

Sounds like a product of the same lady that wanted to congratulate the Yankees on a " season well-played."

Sounds like Rudy G caving on the Yankees and revealing himself to not be a baseball fan at all.

Sounds like President Bush hugging some fat babe in the ruins of her burned down house. "FEMA will help you, honey. Great job Brownie."

Can't you just see Chicken catcher torre giving commentary on Joe girardi's work next year ( as Yankee manager ) from his new perch on the YES network?

Book of Joe; chapter 4; psalm 69.

_ Alphonso