Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day Three: It still hurts

Is Suzyn getting help?

Is Joba eating right?

Will Ian's marriage survive?


Anonymous said...

A live audio feed of the shot above reveals that "W" is congratulating a former bowling-league record-holder on the sacrifice of his son in
Iraq ( "A Born Again Martyr,"
Bush crowed), while the boy's mom collapses in his arms.

" I thank you for your sacrifice, Laura thanks you for your sacrifice,the American people thank you for your sacrifice, and Haliburton thanks you for your sacrifice," President Bush said.

While expressing regret that the parents would not be allowed to see their fallen son in a flag-draped casket, President Bush did promise a military honor guard at the cemetery of their choosing.

" Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel, Mr. President?", asked the grief-stricken mother.

"Of course," said the Commander 'N Chief.

"I think the turtle has turned for us." Another decade or two, and we'll have full blown Democracy in Iraq.."

" Maybe even an expansion team for major league baseball."

- Quail Hunting in a

Anonymous said...

George to man in lavender esplanade:

" Here's you twenty bucks ( see handshake ).

"I'll have her back in 15 minutes."

- Woody