Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baseball Roundup

A-Rod? Matsui? Vizcaino? Posada? Some of these names sound familiar, but I don't really follow baseball. It gives me nightmares. The same one every time: a man is on a hill near a lake... he's doing something that he was born to do, something he is very good at... he feels confident and happy... everybody loves him... but then there's a commercial for Frank TV and when we come back a million bugs are on him, and he's screaming, and people try to help him, they spray him with poison, but it does no good, and then the screaming stops. I think baseball is for very disturbed people. I wouldn't want my children to have anything to do with it. But I don't have children anyway. Only bugs. Millions of bugs.


Anonymous said...

Too many gods of too many people's choices must be swayed now by the pedophilic leaders of the many god worshipping churches in Boston.

The Boston God of the moment, of course, is Big Pappi. After the walk-off last night, I think they are worshipping Manny up there now.

That's why the plagues and pestilence rained down on the native american Yankee last night.

Good grief.

- Cardinal Pointy Hat.

el duque said...

The worst of it is what the experience might do to Joba. I think insects once swarmed Jason from Friday 13th, and look what happened to him.