Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dane Cook Is So Pumped

From his blog* [link]:

Congrats to my Boston Redsocks for winning the World Series. I was there loud and proud representing Redsocks Nation. I gotta admit this was like a fairytale season for me. I gotta admit that. Like a fairytale with a cool success story and a really juicy self-help book all combined only instead of pages and a cover and a price it's all my Redsocks and me. And you my fans, because I take you along wherever I go.

I produced my first film in Boston where I grew up. Also designed my stylin' new line of "threads," or clothes. And rehearsed my new band Funny As Heck. Got to hang with old family and friends and that meant the MOST to me. We'd get into like these misunderstandings but it would all work out and we'd give each other these big hugs and we couldn't help but cry. SO SWEET. Hit 81 Redsock home games all the while hired by MLB to do one of the most artisticly successful ad campains in years. EVERYONE was talking about it (good and bad but bad is good for business. Just ask Pope Benedict. He gets a lotta flak from haters, but his career is still like a raging success) and most people were writing me saying those commercials and my energy and enthusiam and drive and stick-to-it-iveness and hair and stuff made them want to check out MORE baseball. Wow. Goal acchieved. I wish I could go up to each and every one of them and personally take pre-orders for my new CD/DVD, Dane Cook: I Don't Get It.

Now I can finally admit. Sometimes it was hard doing the commercials because I am always rooting for Boston but I had to chat about ALL of baseball. Even other teams that werent the Redsocks. I reallly hate those teams. I call 'em teamholes, or sometimes teamwads. But I wasn't supposed to say those things. Major downer but I kept thinking about me and my career and how I look in my DVDs and movies and it kept me focussed. And I thought about my ever-lovin' Redsocks. Big Peppy and Kirk Schilling and the guys. You never wanna jynx your boys while they are rolling so I was careful with the jargon and scripts.

Image though. I get to be in Boston, film there, be with my closest people and do these ads while my team goes on to win it all and I was there. Not to mention the droves of fans that I got to chill with around Fenway and whatnot. No way around it and I guess forever for me knowing that it will never be so perfect no matter how many times I see the Sox go on to Victory. For this year in my life.

There WAS only one October.
*Transcribed from memory.

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el duque said...

Thank God there is only one October.

I don't want another one like this.