Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our next A-Rod at third

Last summer, before the annual college and high school meat draft, Baseball America listed University of Texas 3B Brad Suttle as one of the best pure-hitters in the country.

Teams passed on Suttle through the first three rounds, figuring that to sign him would cost, as the late Slim Pickins would say, "a shitload a' dimes."

We took him the fourth and wheedled him down to an amount equal to the gross national product of Ecuador.

Rather than play last summer, he shopped.

Well, Suttle is now playing in the Winter Hawaiian League, and the results are NOT SUBTLE.

As of Friday, on this young year, he is....

O-for-18. O for October.

If he can hit a solo home run and GIDP, he'll fit in nicely with our October stars.

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