Thursday, October 18, 2007

Torre out: World reacts


Mustang said...

If Mattingly doesn't get them to the playoffs next year, they ought to dump him for Raul Mondesi.

Anonymous said...

I say let Randy Levine manage the team , he did a great job screwing NYC when he worked for Guiliani !

Anonymous said...

All of you;

Remember what happened in the late Fall of 2004.

There has been nothing worse. There can be nothing worse.

There is no way to balance that out. If it had happened against the Tigers, we could write it off.

It didn't.

It's like if we are never able to extract our troops and tv trucks from Iraq without losing everyone.

Like if the national debt brings the dollar down to about $.04 and New York becomes a subsidiary of Haiti.

And then remember who was in charge. Who was on the team.

And what they did.

Didn't, actually.

So worry not what happens now.

It doesn't mean spit, and never will.

Burn them, bury them. Start over. Wear pink uniforms. Have Sheley Duncan be our lead guy. The guy defensive co-ordinators have to game plan for.

Make the monuments in centerfield out of chocolate.

It doesn't matter.

- Alphonso