Monday, October 29, 2007


Ninety-one million wasn't enough.


(Best news all month.)

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Anonymous said...

Duque, c'mon. Aren't you being a little harsh?

It's never been about the money with A-Rod. It's always been about the love of the game, the camaraderie of the clubhouse, and, of course, the fans. (Oh yeah, and devotion to family, too. Can't forget that).

I'm sure he values that Pepsi "Clutch Player" award more than any of the other hardware on his trophy shelf, because it represents his accomplishments in the postseason, when it really counted.

And he uses that modest salery to give back, too. Why, at, a star-struck kid can order himself a gen-u-wine Alex Rodriguez "400 HR Chase" autographed baseball, GUARANTEED to have been used in one of the games that Alex was sitting on 399 home runs (not in an Alex at-bat or anything, of course, but you can't have everything) for the amazing low price of only $1,250. What kid can't afford that? He's like Crazy Eddie - he's practically giving it away. Why, A-Rod single-signed items start at a mere $750. Crazy A-Rod. It's like charity. It's his way to connect with the kids.

And I'm sure the "500 HR Chase" baseballs will be for sale in short order - as soon as they inventory all 2,375,812 of those baseballs.

We'll miss all those clutch postseason hits; all the lockerroom giddiness; the great rapport with his teammates and fans; and that sense of fun he brought to the game.

But most of all, we'll miss all those World Series rings he helped bring to New York.