Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Anger Out There


Sunday's Las Vegas Review-Journal

I am in no way a New York Yankees fan; in fact, I have rooted against them for years But one fact remains: The Yankees have represented class.

When they win, they do so gracefully; when they lose, they give credit to the team that beat them.
That sort of thing starts at the top, and I don't mean with owner George Steinbrenner. Rather, manager Joe Torre has represented everything over the past 35 years that those of us who love baseball embrace.

Torre manages with a great respect for the game. His players don't preen or posture; they act as though they've won before.

Sadly, it appears that now that the Yankees have lost to the Indians, "King George" will make good on his promise to fire Torre. I only hope that a few of Torre's players will have the guts to opt for free agency, ask for trades or retire as a gesture of solidarity.


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