Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let the bidding war begin!

Joe Torre needs work, and that’s bad news for E.D.!

Who will buy the ad power of Joe’s Hall of Fame bat!

Viagra? Cialis? Or Levitra?

Whoever wins, they'll enjoy the service of a tough man, powerful, feisty and willing to stand strong and go the distance!

They'll have a sensitive man, one who shows compassion, wisdom and tenderness.
They'll have a great Yankee, a man with relentless endurance, who is not afraid to stay up all night.

But let's hope Joe never faces the nightmare of the extra-innings marathon!

(From the writer of the greatest book ever written)

Zero hour.
Hello-o-o, my flower!

Hour One.
This is fun!

Hour Two.
I’m… overdue.

Hour Three.
I'm still a tree.

Hour Four.
I'm getting sore.

Hour Five.

Hour Six.
Doc, that ice constricts!

Hour Seven.
I still feel leaden!

Hour Eight.

Final Hour.
Plant a flower.

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Anonymous said...


It just doesn't seem the same without "THE CHESS MASTER" holding up that left column.