Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where was our blogger when Suzyn cried?

We had a man on it.

He was supposed to be blogging the game.

Evidently, he somehow missed that part.

So we missed the scoop.


rap said...

"Cigarette" break?

Anonymous said...

I cry, too. If yu are a real man, you can cry. And Suzyn, well her, too.

Mustang said...

Yeah, I missed it. It sounded to me like she was singing an Elvis Costello song.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, el duque.

el duque said...

If we break that story first, I gotta believe we leapfrog ten positions on the Hot 100.

For my money, you choked.

You bring it all season, then in the playoffs...

Anonymous said...

Suzyn can cry all she wants because her contract extends through the 2011 season.

Can any of you say the same?

John Sterling wanted to cry but was afraid his pompador could be impacted.

" I could shed a tear for every midge in Cleveland," I heard him say.

(That's a river for anyone counting).

Big Pappy would cry, too, if we could find a non coward pitcher who would drill him, straight between the eyes.

- Angry and disappointed minor league non-prospect.