Saturday, July 23, 2011

Domino Theory

Remember how the idiots running Washington got us into the Vietnam War based on a " domino theory?" If Vietnam falls ( to the commies ), then Laos will go, then Cambodia, then all of southeast asia will be lost.

Well, here's the latest;

1. Phil Hughes wins 18 games in 2010. Some express concern at his year-end fade, but 18 wins is 18 wins.

2. Spring Training 2011. Hughes sails under the radar. Winter rest thought to have cured end of 2010 woes.

3. Hughes is penciled in as Yank's 3rd starter, despite mediocre spring. Spring performance considered; " just rounding into shape."

4. Hughes starts season poorly. Fastball hits 86 on the gun. Curve ball hits meat of opposing bats.

5. Ivan Nova, due to impressive debut in 2010 and strong spring, comes north with team and earns starts in rotation.

6. Hughes develops dead arm. Rest doesn't help. Visits to Dr. Andrews inconclusive.

7. Nova bumpy, at first, but mixes great games with shakiness.

8. Hughes goes on DL for extended rest.

9. Nova gets better and better. Reaches 8-4 record with three strong games, back-to-back. Appears to be best non-traded, young Yankee pitching prospect in years.

10. Hughes returns after 2 months, and Nova is sent to the coal mines.

11. Hughes has shaky debut ( rusty ) and then can't stay long enough for win with 14-2 lead.

12. Nova rolls ankle in Scranton.

13. Yanks realize Hughes is still useless and Yanks must now seek starter as Nova is unavailable.

14. Yanks trade future for bum. Bum proves to be bum. Young Yankee prospects blossom elsewhere.

15. Yanks fail to win game in first playoff round.

I hope this domino theory is as stupid and incorrect as the last one.

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