Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Derek Jeter 3K To Air On HBO On July 28th

With the cooperation of Derek Jeter and the Yankees, MLB Productions gained extensive access to Jeter both at and away from the ballpark. For the first time ever, Jeter wore a microphone during two games including the one where he reached the 3,000 career hit milestone. He also allowed MLB Productions camera crews to follow him on multiple occasions and in a variety of settings, including in his home and during rehabilitation from a calf injury. “DEREK JETER 3K” also will feature exclusive interview footage with the Yankee captain which was recorded shortly after he became only the 28th player in MLB history to achieve the milestone.


The Captain said...

btw I gave Christian Lopez a lifetime pass to the Bing

The IRS said...

How much is that worth in dollars?