Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now, For a Larf, We'll Bring the Tenor of the Site Way Down

So much anxiety fills the air lately, as notepads are filled and shredded on the eve of the trading deadline, politicians play chicken with world financial health, and heat indexes rise higher than Adam Dunn's batting average.

I think at times like these, it's essential that we find time to laugh at the misfortunes of others, witnessed at a Tigers-White Sox game last week.

Foul Ball, Section 18, Comerica Park, July 16

These are the saddest of all possible words:
Foul ball bounced up in my nuts.
Flew up like a hawk and fell back like a turd.
Foul ball bounced up in my nuts.
Ruthlessly pricking my gonfalon testes,
Causing me pain from my east to my westies,
Never again will I be at my besties:
Foul ball bounced up in my nuts.

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