Monday, July 18, 2011

This day in Yankees history: Remembering when Jack McDowell became 'The Yankee Flipper'

Yes, it was the summer of 1995 when Jack McDowell earned his place in Yankees' lore by telling fans in his own unique way that they were No. 1. He just used the wrong finger, that's all.

For those wondering why this event is worthy of celebration, just remember ... after this grand release of tension, the Yankees went on a 7-game winning streak to get over the .500 mark, and won 16 of the next 20 en route to the team's first Wild Card Championship. The next year, the team won the first of four titles in five years. This was more than just a player flipping the bird ... it marked the start of a new Yankee dynasty!!

It's a crying shame the Yankees are on the road ... imagine the celebration the Yanks could have had marking this historic day!

Just think of the special celebrity guests -- Bud Adams, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mike Ditka. The possibilities are endless.

Think of the giveaway potential! Foam fingers for the kids!

Why, Lady Gaga could have sung the National Anthem!

The highlight would have been be a performance from the great band The Baseball Project, singing "The Yankee Flipper," which tells the real story behind the grand gesture from old Blackjack.

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