Sunday, July 17, 2011

Proposed: A three-way deal that would help all involved

It's diabolically simple, and I gotta believe it would help all three teams.

The Yankees would trade all-star centerfielder Curtis Granderson, while he is riding his current hot streak, to Detroit.

The Tigers would send Max Sherzer and Dan Schlereth to Arizona, to shore up their young staff. Arizona would obtain Edwin Jackson from wherever the hell he is, and ship him to Detroit.

We would obtain Ian Kennedy, a young starter who is getting rave reviews, a lefty bullpen pitcher named Phil Coke, and an speedy, slick fielding outfielder named Austin Jackson. Kennedy would go into the rotation, Coke would anchor the bullpen, Jackson would be a defensive specialist, with Brett Gardner playing CF.

Every team would improve. Why has nobody thought of it?

Well, would it work?


Anonymous said...

WTF? is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

Genius. Comedy genius.

JM said...

Is that first comment a joke?

el duque said...

It wasn't me. I'm never anonymous.

Anonymous Joe D. P. said...

And then the Cardinals will trade Fat Elvis Berkman, who had a brief first-half hot streak of 25 homers, for Mark Melancon to shore up their bullpen.