Thursday, July 21, 2011

News from Yankee Country North: A city debates Godsmack

Watertown is a pro-Yankee city wracked with anguish, as its citizens ponder the pros and cons of welcoming the rock band Godsmack into its womb.

Everybody knows what happened recently when the Tragically Hip came, temporarily setting the town's Wayback Machine to the 1923 anarchist riots.

"Port-a-pottys were big issues. You turn 6,000 people loose at Tragically Hip, open the gates, the first thing they've got to do is go to the bathroom. That was a problem."

Damn straight, you've got a problem. You might as well be hydrofracking Lake Ontario! But wait, there's more....

After the Hip Concert a city DPW truck also disappeared. It was later found that a city employee left the keys in it and a drunk concert-goer drove off with the vehicle.

Monsters! Before OKing any "show," the Watertonians are vowing to make every potty ready, every truck secure. They will decide this weekend. Stay tuned up.

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