Monday, July 18, 2011

Posada Passes Dickey: In More Ways Than One

Yesterday Jorge Posada played in his 1,790th game as a Yankee, passing Bill Dickey for sole possession of eight place on the franchise’s all-time games played list. On the right Dickey is pictured with his one time girl friend Martha Raye. btw Dickey is currently the only Yankee with a retired number ( he shares the number 8 with Berra) not yet featured on the YES Network series.  Yankeeography. Let's get on it John!


Joe De Pastry said...

He's still behind Dickey in one category: Class.

Also, Berra credits Dickey for learning him all his experiences.
I don't want Montero [if he ever plays for us] learning how to catch from Posada.

David Ballela said...

Class beats Ass.
When you listen to what an intelligent guy Russell Martin is you have to realize that it is so important to have a catcher who can think. Last year AJ would never have gutted out 6 innings with the way he started last night. Credit Rothschild with also helping. No one has ever spoken about Montero's ability in that regard and maybe there's a reason. He's got to be a bust waiting to happen and bringing him up would lessen his value. The problem is that other gm's must realize this by now. I would pull the trigger on a Jiminez deal, as long as Manny and Romine aren't included.