Wednesday, July 20, 2011

John and Suzyn hate, I mean absolutely HATE, Tropicana Field

And who can blame them?

Monday, as John was trying to tell a few interesting stories, the jarring, annoying RUGGARUGGARUGGA sound effects of the P.A. system, announcing each Ray batter, destroyed his focus and nearly made announcing impossible. He finally conceded. We never did hear John's stories!

But that's nothing, compared to last night. Oh, no. Last night, that godforsaken puss- bubble of a ballfield cost us a game. Everybody knows it. Even those stupid cownose rays in the centerfield fish tank know it. Anywhere else in the world, that routine fly to Curtis Granderson is caught. But there, where the Rays have a huge advantage of getting used to the ceiling, the ball blended into the scaffolds and fell for a hit.

Nowhere has indoor baseball flourished, nowhere! And John knows why. It's not the same game. You can have a game stolen from you, yes, stolen!

That ridiculous monstrosity of a park cost the Yankees a game! And the problem is Major League Baseball's. What if that park someday costs a World Series? What then?

And why the jarring sounds? At Yankee Stadium, the sound levels are loud, but it's the musical noise of people's voices. John and Suzyn have had enough.


Alph is Not Wrong said...

What you have said about the noise level at Yankee stadium is beautifully expressed.

Sadly, it is wrong.

Unless you are in the Goldman Sachs seats ( $3000 per game ), where amplified crap is not allowed in without an ID badge, the noise level is constant and rattles your brain.

There is, literally, no moment of peace.

I don't have any interest going to another game at the stadium for that specific reason.

The Twins old ballpark brought shame to the game in the same manner and design. That's why they tore it down.

Joe De Pastry said...

Right on, AiNW!
Whatever happened to talking to the people sitting next to you between innings?