Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here's A Guy Who Isn't Worried About Debts

But I am.

The national debt is being treated like a ping pong ball in a game of " beer pong."

And while the debts are piling up daily for the US, the small businesses of this country have no escape either, including right here at IIH,IIF,IIc.

No one seems to care whether we are going to have to fire some or all of the unpaid staff come August 2nd.

No one is concerned that as many as 20% of our staff are currently unemployed.

All the blather is focused upon locking-in a non existent tax rate on their yet to be funded salaries, and then legally securing their seemingly unlimited beer benefits.

People are racing around here signing pledges to take no action on any issue, for god's sake. Don't they understand that an iron-locked pledge is idiotic in an environment that is constantly changing?

What if Columbus had signed a pledge saying he would never sail out of the sight of land? We wouldn't even have or be these idiots.

Many of you do not know, or care, that IIH,IIF,IIc has been building up huge debts to keep this site afloat. In effect, we have been printing our own money and buying useless crap with it.

In addition, we are maintaining two wars with middle eastern, anti-Yankee blogs while, simultaneously, conducting covert work against Red Sox bastions, population centers and churches, which we know to be fostering lies and distortions about us. None of this work comes without huge payments to Halliburton, Blackwater and every Mormon representative in Washington, D.C.

The sad but true story is; we need revenue, and we need it now. We can cut out a beer or two to help on the spending side, but we need some fat cats to pay their fair share, or we are going down like Greece.

A former partner of Arthur Anderson has advised me that our deficit as at today was $14.44 and climbing. Do we want to become a laughing stock ?

For how much longer do we intend to "piss ourselves?"


Joe De Pastry said...

Maybe this site could be split in half: one Yankee blog, one on politics?
I almost always agree with your political comments, but that's not what I come here for.

Big Mouth said...

John really loves using the 'P' word in stressful moments like this.

Jimmy the Half Greek said...

I've told El Duque he can cut my spinach pie allowance.

Stang said...

"We can cut out a beer or two to help on the spending side?"

Alphonso, speak for yourself.