Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phil Hughes' Big Test

The Seattle Mariners are the worst offensive team in baseball, right now.

They are setting records for an extended losing streak in the AL.

No team wants to be the one that let's them break out of it.

The Red Sox swept them. The Rangers swept them.

The Yankees have taken the first two games; we scored a lot in game one and we had CC in game two.

Now we have Phil Hughes on the mound.

Remember; Ivan Nova was sent to Scranton with an 8-4 record and three consecutive outings of excellence to make room for Phil Hughes coming off the DL with an undiagnosed, "dead arm," and a lack of control/command.

Nova then turned an ankle and is now on the DL.

Hughes has basically sucked since his return to the Yankees. Two starts; one mediocre and one flop ( couldn't last 5 innings with a 12 run lead, remember?)

This is the moment the Yankees usually give to a struggling opponent;
- Want a cure for a slump? Play the Yankees.
- Have to pitch some dude from AA ball today? Play the Yankees.
- Big Pappy batting .122? Play the Yankees.

Can Phil Hughes put a lid on today's game and the Seattle series? Can he show that he is going to be a solid starter for us the rest of the way?

He is going to have to pitch great, because the top pitcher on a quality Seattle staff pitches against us today. This will be a low scoring game for us.

Or; is the dead arm and missing command all Phil has to offer?

Has he ruined the rhythm of our pitching staff by forcing Nova into oblivion?

This is the moment we learn about Phil Hughes.

And it isn't even a meaningful game.

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Joe De Pastry said...

He'll pitch just well enough to stay in the rotation: 5 1/3 innings, 3 runs.
Yankees lose 4-3.