Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50 years Ago: Ty Cobb Dies

It's interesting that most polls 50 years ago would have ranked Cobb as the #1 greatest player. Now he's #2 or even less (# 7 in SABR poll). How about that story of Stengel's of Cobb tagging up from 3rd on an infield pop up! As for Cobb's advice, Mick didn't listen and according to Jane Leavy it may have cost him the HR record in 1961

A "vitamin" injection - likely prompted by an attempt to treat gonorrhea, also known as the clap - by the infamous amphetamine dispenser Dr. Max Jacobson, derailed Mantle's 1961 chase for Babe Ruth's home run record and left him with a massive infection.

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Lyn Lary said...

Good as Jane Leavy’s book generally is, I don’t necessarily buy that story that the shot from Dr. Jacobson was for the clap. For one thing, the timing she claims doesn’t really work out; it would have to be the fastest case of clap ever. For another, it depends greatly on Clete Boyer saying, ‘Whattaya get a shot in your butt for? The clap!’
Well, you get a shot in your butt for plenty of things. Coming from Dr. Jacobson, one of the leading Dr. Feelgoods of the era, it might have been for a hangover.