Wednesday, July 27, 2011

God screws CC Sabathia out of perfect game, and why isn’t the media reporting the connection between Amy Winehouse and the Yankees?

Evidently, a Certain Deity just can’t stand the notion that one of His mortals would achieve perfection down here on the planetary surface.

How else do we explain last night’s multiple rain delays, which sapped CC Sabathia’s strength and let the Seattle Marooners wriggle out of the perfect game that was otherwise fated to happen?

Twice, God performed His little Biblical book of Revelations reenactment, causing the game to be delayed. That Noah’s Arc crap may go over well in Kansas City, where the congregation is passing snakes, but it sure doesn’t carry weight in New York. All He did was ruin CC’s night and get a lot of people wet.

Not that I’m complaining. Whatever God wants is OK with me. He’s God. I’m nothing. But He wouldn’t respect this blog if He thought we were pulling punches, simply to curry favor. I figure He’s a big God. He can take a little good-humored ribbing. Because He knows I wouldn’t say anything out of line.

Also, the Yankees have 27 world championships – that’s the same age as Amy Winehouse. Everybody has been talking about the 27 Club — Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendricks and Amy — how come they’re not mentioning the Yankees’ 27 world championships?

If it were Boston with 27 world championships, you know ESPN would be all over it.

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