Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nice Work, El Duque !!! Congratulations on Nothing.

El Duque and Brian Cashman embrace in congratulatory hug, as trade deadline passes and no Yankee prospects are sent to hell.

It was through the incredible pleas, protestations, reasoning, and begging that El Duque, almost single-handedly, assured General Manager Cashman that the Yankees would be better off in 2011, and for future years, by protecting and preserving our prime assets.

Apparently it worked. This year's trade deadline has passed.

It is a huge sigh of relief for us all.

Editors Note: in the accompanying photo, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

But it is El Duque and Cash.

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JM said...

We can thank Alphonso for taking Cashman out on a terrific bender as soon as the Rockies trade rumor hit the airwaves. Cash has simply been too drunk or completely passed out to do anything.

Hats off to Alphonso for the ultimate sacrifice: drinking for days with a complete geek.