Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Does It Say When.....

1. Boston is 10-1 against the Orioles and averaging about 12.35 runs per game against them?

2. The Yankees score 1 run last night against the Orioles, coming off a day of rest following the loss to Seattle where we also scored 1 run. Did I mention that Seattle was 0-17 when we lost to them at home?

3. Boston is 8-1 against the Yankees so far ( is that right?) and the games aren't close.

4. We are going to be without A-Rod for another month or so?

5. Tex is hitting about .235 YTD ( though his defense is worth 50 points )?

6. Jorge might get votes to Cooperstown by hitting into more double plays than any other human on the planet?

7. Our best pure hitter is a one pitch out 90% of the time?

8. This team almost never comes from behind to win, no matter who we are playing?

It says to me we need offense.

It says to me we need Jesus and Vasquez, not Jorge and Pena.

It says to me that starting pitching is not the issue.

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