Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So What If I Made Up That Story ?

I've received a few complaints about the " as yet unproven " story about Damon and Matsui going to Boston.

If I fabricated a tale of fear to get you to read and respond, how is that different than Fox News?

If I lied to manipulate a reader base, how is that different from the elected leaders of the Tea Party?

Sitting at the, " all drinks for two bucks, " joint on 1oth Avenue yesterday (the $2 happy hour is from 9am-11am, Monday-Thursday), I began reflecting on how we are all being manipulated.

Brian Cashman talks to us about the irreplaceable value of "home grown talent," and then he trades our touted prospects for some dude with a $50million contract.

The leaders of this fine democracy ( referring to the country, for those confused by the context of this phrase)....both sides....could give a shit about the country. If you are not contributing at least $100,000 each six months to some Senator or Congressperson, you are considered a dirt bag. The bridges you drive across can fall into the Mississippi and they will send a twitter of condolence while flying over in their customized choppers.

But as long as there are propagandists like Roger Ailes making up the party rhetoric ( is this the term Goebbels used? ) and distributing it through one-sided, brainwashing media outlets, the populace sits happily at home stabbing themselves in the gut while the billionaires get tax deductions for their private jets.

And so it continues.

I still think the Red Sox are going after Matsui, minimum.

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