Monday, July 25, 2011

Brackman outduels Wang in epic 4-inning Moosic marathon

Chien-Ming Wang dueled Andrew Brackman yesterday in the mudflats of Moosic, with the Scranton Yankees proving once again that size does matter.

Brackman, the enigmatic former No. 1 draft pick, threw four innings and only gave up one run, though he walked five and gave up three hits, which would have killed most Yankee fans with heart conditions.

Wang, the former Yankee pitcher and pinch-runner, went five innings and gave up eight hits and five earned runs, a Kevin Millwoodish outing that wouldn't get him a call-up with most teams. Fortunately, he's with Washington. Godspeed.


alphonso said...

How can anyone win with 5 walks in 4 innings?

Is this how Randy Johnson began in the minors?

If so, we'll trade this dude away and then he'll become RJ for Boston.

Sergeant Bilko said...

can we sell brackman by the pound or inch?