Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Someday, centuries from now, when the earth is parched and we are but forgotten memories, Baltimore will actually give Boston a game

Yea, it shall happen. This I do decree: Before the end of time, before life as we know it ends on this paradise planet, there shall come to pass a day, or a night, in which the Orioles actually beat the Boston Redsocks.

Nonsense! you say? Never happen! The Baltimore species simply isn’t designed for that kind of capability. For Baltimore to lose to Boston, without a whimper, is like the bunny rabbit succumbing to the rattlesnake, like the marshmallow melting in the fire. But it will happen someday. We must never give up hope. As long as we can dream, we must not abandon hope.

We will not live to see. Nor will our children. But our grandchildren’s grandchildren... who knows?


alph the pious said...

Didn't we once beat Baltimore 19 in a row?

Joe De Pastry said...

Another correct prediction!
Unforunately, our supposedly powerful offense messed up a chance to gain a game on the Red Sux.